Poetry / Self Awareness

Keep the Space – a poem inspired by Shari’s Yoga Safari.

I have awakened. Keep the space.

One of my favourite things about this journey is that each time there is change. Each time I go deeper. I laugh at myself for having been so blind before.

Not in a harsh critical way, but fondly. Like a mother enjoying her child’s antics.

We must go ever deeper.
How deep does this rabbit hole go?

The space, the freedom, created within me, spaciousness from which consciousness itself arises. Rushes in as if it had been waiting for just the right moment. Can you see it? In my eyes. The light is on.

Excitement runs through my veins. Oxygen in my blood. My body knows.

That first breath was one of awe. Something has changed. A hard reset. Letting go . My body lets go, it turns off fight or flight. After years. After so many years. The switch is flicked the other way.

I can feel them now. Their terror, their joy. The space in me inflates with their energy. But there is no need to hold on to it. I respectfully release their suffering too. I make more space for them.

So beautiful.  Each one so delicate. Each one as perfect and precious as the next. You think I praise them. I only love them. It is love that heals us.

I hold the space.
There is somewhere to come home to.
I am home.



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