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Inspiration for Women and the Men who care for us

May your wisdom flourish and may you realise your deepest and most meaningful aspirations.

These words were offered to me, and others, by a very wise and generous Zen teacher.

Since reading these words I have been deeply affected by three separate yet related sources:

1. An amazing piece of work called White Bones, Red Rot, Black Snake (2011) written by Australian monk , and intellectual, Bhante Sujato (Bhikkhu Sujato). This work meticulously and respectfully traces the portrayal of women in Buddhist mythology and how this portrayal has been embodied, by practitioners of Buddhism (monastics and laypeople alike) and within the very fabric of Buddhist culture and sangha.

2. A beautiful, insightful and heartfelt book by Theravadan Nun Sister Dang Nghiem called Healing: A woman’s journey from Doctor to Nun (2010). This book was so easy to read yet so deep in its insights into the richness and simplicity of life. Very highly recommended, especially for those of us who are working on understanding ourselves, forgiving the past and moving forward on the path of compassion.

3. The plight of the nuns and young girls in a Nepalese nunnery, see http://www.lumbininuns.org/Sakyadhita_Nunnery/Welcome.html for more information.

Is all of this telling me something? Pointing me in a particular direction? Of course it is…I’m not sure yet what form this direction will take but I do know that I feel as if I am being prepared for something meaningful and significant.

In the meantime, I will continue my work with women closer to my home, through yoga and therapy, through meditation and kindness and I will dedicate myself to being the best mother I can be, to prepare my son for caring respectfully for the women in his life and to prepare my daughter for her journey as a woman.

With gratitude to all of the men who care greatly and respectfully for the women in their lives.

And to all women:

May you see yourself as worthy of love and nurturing,
May your heart and mind be a place of great joy and comfort to you and those in the world with you.
May you understand that with every breath there is choice.
May you choose the path of everlasting happiness.

with wide reaching metta to all women everywhere


One thought on “Inspiration for Women and the Men who care for us

  1. PS. Years ago my (now) husband explained to me that women are their own greatest enemies, not men. This conversation changed so many things for me, the way I see myself, the way I talk and listen to other women, the work that I do and the goals I aspire to. Thank you Ash, from me and all of the women who have benefited from you setting me on this path xxx

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