Buddhism / Poetry

Drowning not waving.

In silence I await the settling of the pond.
From time to time a peace resounds,
Then movement ripples across the surface, images, disturbances, sufferings of the mind.

Small moments of near bliss that beckon me deeper.
I see how the suffering is all my own but still I swim in it.
I feel how my actions are conditioned but still I react to them.
I hear my own pain and smell my own death, but still I do not live as fully as I could.

The stirring of the true nature that lies beneath the surface is waiting for me to dive.
But first I must let go of my craving to stay afloat.
My craving to stop craving.
I must surrender and and allow myself to drown.
Then I will be free.

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Location:Ellsmore Rd,Bundanoon,Australia


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