human nature

Random thought on human nature

Where am I at right now? It seems as if I’ve come a long way, but it’s hard to see where I’ve come from as I feel closer to home now than i have for a long time.

I can’t imagine feeling as miserable as I once did. I cant imagine allowing myself to inflict so much suffering upon myself again. My thoughts and perceptions so tainted, so ignorant and so far from the truth. How is it that we can reach a place where we can’t see for ourselves how incorrect our cognitions become?

Slowly, over time we are exposed to conditions that reinforce and perhaps reward incorrect assumptions and distorted perceptions leading to beliefs that cause us and often also those we love, much suffering.

But why are we vulnerable to believing in things that cause us harm? If we are all programmed, fundamentally, to seek out happiness and pleasure, to satisfy basic needs, why is it that we aren’t more opposed or resistant to ideas of not belonging or being not good enough?

I could be terribly mistaken but it seems as if contemporary society is as vulnerable to incorrect thinking and perceiving as ever society has been, or perhaps this is always the case. Perhaps there is a relentless flow of negative energy in the world that we are prone to absorbing and inadequately equipped to release. Perhaps the tension and toxins that we absorb and hold in our bodies and our minds gradually poison us, affecting or influencing our physiological and neurological makeup, leading us to become more vulnerable or more prone to incorrect thinking?

To be continued…

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