On being profound

Hmmm….what I actually want to write is a disclaimer. By starting this blog I do not wish anyone to presume that I am actually expecting an audience, nor do I claim nor promise to write anything that anyone else would actually want to read, never mind learn something from.

However, wouldn’t that be great?

I honestly would get a kick out of writing stuff that others found useful. I think that’s part of what I like about teaching yoga and meditation, you get to spout off about some very profound and sometimes transformational concepts without ever having to come up with any of it yourself. In fact, there’s a few thousand years worth of material to borrow from that no-one minds you using.

Overall, I have learnt much more from people that I haven’t had to pay, but have also found that sometimes, you get what you pay for. Not all lessons were created equal.

I am so excited by the opportunities before me right now. I feel as though the world just opened it’s doors and invited me in to play.

Right now, I really do feel as though I’m having a turn under the Bodhi tree, I may not reach enlightenment in this lifetime but my family and I are benefiting from the journey anyway.


Ps. My apologies for another unenlightened post.

Ppss. More about how my family is benefiting to come…

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