Sitting in my lounge room with my husband watching UFC setting up blogger on my iPad, of course you now have a very clear picture of the type of yogi I am.

I’m all about the middle path, striking a balance, keepin’ it real (are the young people still saying that or is it so last year???).

Seriously though, I will endeavor, through this blog, to explain the transformation that is taking place for me at the moment which will continue over the next two years. I have, just a week ago, graduated from my first yoga teacher training and will commence training in Buddhist psychotherapy in the next few weeks and will share the changes that I have already and will be experiencing both personally and professionally.

I will also tell you about what I have learnt over the past 8 years working in the area of childbirth education and how this applies to everyday life, not just labour and birth.

Currently, I teach a few yoga classes at a local studio while I am waiting for my new home studio to be built. I offer private childbirth preparation sessions, meditation classes and psychotherapy. I have written a book on preparing for natural birth, recorded 3 guided relaxation/ meditation CDs, have 2 beautiful children, 2 crazy cats, 4 scheming chickens, a bunch of fish (is it still a school even if they’re trapped in a tank together?) and another book or two in the making.

I am happy, but haven’t always been and still have to work on maintaining this.
I am fit, but haven’t always been and have to work hard to maintain this.
I am healthy, but haven’ t always understood how much this is a state of mind that needs to be maintained.
I am loved, and always have been.
I am blessed and want to share this with loving kindness.

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Location:Lounge room


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