Finding happiness

I have very fond memories of the first Buddhist teaching I attended in Fremantle many years ago. Possibly, the memory is cherished so fondly because the young monk teaching that day was hot…I found out a few years later that quite a few of the nuns also found him rather distracting:-) hey, whatever leads you in the right direction can’t be wrong, right?

Anyway, the teaching was on finding happiness and I remember this cute monk donned in full robes sitting cross legged on the mini-stage at the front of the room absolutely pissing himself laughing!

“where do we look for happiness?” he asked the audience.
“at the shops?, it’s not there!” ( insert riotous laughter here)
” then you go home and look in the fridge? Ha! It’s not in there!” baw haw Ha ha ha ha ha! And then in amongst continued hilarity he reeled off a number of other everyday hiding places that we go looking for lasting happiness…..and don’t find it.

The point of the lesson? Lasting happiness is inside. It is a state of mind that we can choose, however, to achieve this quality of life we first must learn to let go of our attachment to impermanent objects, anything that doesn’t last forever can be enjoyed but if we hang on to it believing that our happiness depends on this thing being available, we are vulnerable to suffering.

The four noble truths:
– life is suffering
– the cause of this suffering is attachment, ignorance and desire
– we can be free of suffering in this life (it is possible)
– the eightfold noble path teaches us the way to be free of suffering and experience lasting happiness.

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