Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness

The disciplines of Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, & Psychotherapy are drawn on to offer you both evidence-based & intuitive techniques and programs for mind-body wellness.

The primary practitioner at Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness is Dr Shari Read (bodhishari). Shari specialises in the application of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, relaxation and traditional psychotherapies to the management of women’s health and wellness in mind, body & spirit. Shari has a PhD in psychology, post-graduate training in mindfulness, meditation and Buddhist psychotherapy, she is a registered yoga teacher, yoga therapist and has also trained in the areas of massage, nutrition and mind/body medicine.

Shari is also a mum and a wife, a cat-lover, a lover of food and a good glass of wine. She enjoys sci-fi, action, vampire and zombie movies, she eats chocolate, likes kick boxing, the UFC and occasionally gets a little hot-headed about topics like education, parenting and general, run-of-the-mill stupidity (which she doesn’t always tolerate well). She forgets to say ‘no’ when she should (sigh) and sometimes even yells at her kids (gasp). But most importantly, Shari is oriented toward love, she is driven by compassion and motivated by people’s genuine, honest desire to be themselves, free of what society and other people want us to be, free to be ourselves.

Why Bodhi Tree Yoga?

Our yoga classes are filled with down-to-earth, regular people who are seeking something different. They want contentment, they want to feel at peace, accepting of their lives, they want to be free of stress, worry, negativity and the physical symptoms that come along with these things. Do you want this too?


Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness is a small, private business. Classes and other sessions are by appointment or prior booking only.

Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness offers yoga therapy, general yoga classes, workshops, private yoga coaching and corporate yoga and meditation classes & seminars.


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